Spring Break Week 1



  Jill (doing grad work at University of Bath) and Nate (traveling Italy with Jill) are childhood friends and spent the evening with me and Sarah in Vicenzia

Me eating real Italian gelato at 11:00 AM in Venice

  A canal and gondola in Venice

San Marco's:





  Sarah on the train on the way to Nice from Vicenzia

    The beach in Nice

  The fountain near the beach and the view with the fountain at my back

  The Opera Theatre

  The French keyboard in our hostel

Panorama from atop a hill in Nice

A random condom machine on the street of Nice, they're all over!

  Our Easter dinner :(
Croque Monsieur (ham and cheese on toast) and beer!

    Me and Sarah on the beach on Easter Monday

    Me and Sarah in our night train beds from Nice to Paris, yes there were 6 beds in there although we only had two cabin-mates!

  Eiffel Tower take two! Just before catching my Chunnel train back to London to meet my family.