Two Weeks Before Spring Break and First Half of Spring Break

(Not every single picture I took is posted to save you some uploading time for the pages)

My second cousin, Jess, and her mother, Evey, came to London and treated me and Sarah to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Me and Kristen (Fish) who I hadn't seen since high school! She was visiting her brother, Mike, who is also studying in London this semester. We had a sleep over at my house and played in London together. So much fun!

Kristen is silly

Me and Christopher at his hotel in London!

Sarah's new tattoo

Christopher, me, Sarah, Katy, Lindsey and her boyfriend at the Texas Embassy, a Tex Mex place in Trafalgar Square.

Tom, me, Sarah, Christopher, Tammy, Nikki, Kate, Carly, and Gwyn on St. Patrick's Day at Finnegan's Wake.

Leah, Nikki, Christopher, me on St. Patty's Day


Me and Karin at dinner in Paris before she took her night train to Rome

  The Arc de Triumph


Notre Dame:


Me at the Catacombs that are closed until May 2005 :(

A pretty statue in a Cemeterie Montparnasse in Paris

Me and Sarah in front of Palais de Luxembourg

The Academie de Musique

Galleries de Lafayette

Palais de Justice next to the Conciergerie (with tiny me and Sarah)

The real Moulin Rouge

Me and Sarah on the boat ride

Me and the Eiffel at night  

The Louvre

Me and Sarah in front of the Disney-like fountain that was in front of our lunchtime cafe (cafe is in the back left behind the fountain)


Sarah at our fancy French dinner that we treated ourselves to because everything we went to see that day was either closed or didn't exist anymore!


Sarah in front of the Lausanne Guesthouse where we stayed in Switzerland.

Saint-Francois at night. (A medieval church built in the thirteenth century--more pictures a few rows down)

The building of museums of Lausanne

Doors to la Cathedrale (Notre Dame of Lausanne?)

Organ of la Cathedrale


Saint-Francois during the day, front, and organ

  Chelsea with the last Tower from the wall that enclosed the Medieval city.  (Chelsea Wait is a girl we met who studied in Lausanne last Spring and is on her way from a semester studying around Asia passing through Lausanne before spending a month in Ireland)


The old mechanical clock and the Statue of Justice in Lausanne


The Sauvabelin Tower which is made of 130 wooden helix steps.

(me and the tower, me and Sarah, then Chelsea and me at the top of the Tower)

The view of floating Swiss Alps because of the clouds and of Lausanne from atop the tower

No, this is not a condom factory, it is in fact a club!


All the tunnels in Lausanne have graffiti, for the most part it's very beautiful graffiti

  Sarah and streets of Lausanne.  Lausanne is all REALLY steep hills... the women all have gorgeous legs ;-)

Sarah sunbathing in Lausanne, Switzerland

Sarah's tattoo at one week