Week 4

The week started out with a visit from some friends of Sarah at the Museum of Natural History. 

The weekend was spent in Wales and was absolutely fantastic!

Me in the entrance of the Museum of Natural History

Nicole, Matt, and Sarah at the Museum of Natural History

The Three Graces at the Victoria and Albert Museum.  This sculpture is the most expensive sculpture in the world, 6 million pounds were paid for this piece!

The village of Chepstow in Wales

Pictures from inside Chepstow Castle

More pictures from inside Chepstow Castle

Silly Welsh... :)

At a Roman Amphitheatre in Wales (Me, then Me and Sarah)

The transporter crossing into Newport in Wales! In order to allow tall ships to go up the river there is a transporter (1 of 5 in the world) which just moves 2 vehicles at a time across the river, leaving a very high space for ships to pass through.

These pictures are all from Bristol Channel with limestone cliffs.  It was absolutely beautiful!  British Channel is where the River Severn ends and it eventually empties into the Irish Sea and then the Atlantic Ocean.

We fit 7 people into this phone booth at the Museum of Welsh Life :)

Castle ruins and 14th century stepping stones crossing a river

  The thatched houses to the stepping stones lead to

Gwyn (Gwynedd--a Welsh spelling!) in a 700 year old church

Me in front of one of the buildings of the Atlantic College of Wales

Crocuses and Daffodils in front of the above building

Sarah, me, Ryanna, Karin, and Max at Zushi, a sushi bar in Cardiff

  Katy Flynn and Dom; Dom is from Wales and we spent a few hours Saturday night at his house with some of his friends from Wales.

Neema and Sarah; Neema is from Wales

A mix of the Americans in Wales and the boys from Wales in front of our hotel at the end of the night

Countryside in Wales, on the outside of the Blorange (the only word in the English language that rhymes with orange) which is the name of the saucer shaped terrain in the center of which is the mine of coal

  The Cathilly(?) Castle with scaffolding around the leaning tower

The above are photos from White Castle... Max, Sarah, Me... then Gwyn and me

The above are pictures from Tynton Abbey which was finished in the eleventh century