Week 2b

(Too many pictures on the Week 2a page so here are the rest of the Harry Potter tour pictures.)

Two swans in the mini moat type thing that is on campus.

Offices where Tolkien worked.

A cloister on campus used for many shots throughout all Harry Potter films.

The stairs leading to the Great Hall on campus that were used in the first film when the new students walk up the stairs to meet the Professor on top. 

The stairs from the top.

The Great Hall that Hogwart's Great Hall was modeled after.

Great Hall from the Headmaster end.

The Headmaster table.    A table... look familiar?...

Me at the Headmaster end.   A view from the corner of the room.

The Quad on campus.

A pretty street view on campus.

<--A reading room next to the library-->

A sun dial on a building... too bad it wasn't sunny out...

The building where the award ceremonies are held.

A very narrow alley.

A bridge connecting two buildings on campus but modeled after a bridge in Italy.

The building where Rhode's Scholar students have class.

Gargoyles that are everywhere on the University of Oxford buildings.

Color in urban England!

The tavern where the tv show "Inspector Morse" was often filmed.

The college where Tolkien worked.

The pub where Tolkien and C.S. Lewis regularly sat for many many many years talking about their books they were writing.

The University of Oxford Museum of Natural History from the outside and inside.

The shrunken heads that were used in The Prisoner of Azkaban film.  Enemies used to bring back the heads of those they'd killed as proof of how they suffered in their death.  These shrunken heads are all actually sloth heads because real human heads were sometimes too difficult (and smelly) to bring back.

Barbed wire that was around some of the buildings... geez, a moat and barbed wire? they really don't want their students sneaking out...


A barn whose structure was made from the wood from the Mayflower.

An actual cabin door from the Mayflower at a Quaker establishment. Someone told me it would be a good idea to take a picture of me pretending to lick the door.... I do silly things for my friends sometimes...