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Maia Is Now Back In The USA!

Welcome! I am now back in New York and New Jersey.  I have updated the site as much as I can from my travels.  Feel free to browse the photos and send me emails!  Now that I'm back I shall post my USA details:

E-mail: maiajudd@yahoo.com
or maiajudd@gmail.com

Mobile: 845.304.4967
(When dialing from the UK you must dial: 001.845.304.4967)


Maia In London

February 9-June 1, 2005

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Most houses in Ealing, London, are connected.  Rarely will you see houses that are only two connected houses and even more scarce are the single unconnected homes.  I lived in a single unconnected home.

Steven and Karen Hughes have four children:

Joe-19-male, Alex-16-female, Peter-13-male, and Jenny-11-female (ages as of June 2005).

My roommates were Kaylee Wempe and Kerry Frick, both from Kansas.

Please visit my live journal to find out what I did in London and what I'm doing now that I'm back in the States!


Here are some photos:

My room... or Harry Potter's...   

My room from just outside the door.

My room from the window.   

  My door and Bathroom.    

  My bathroom from the inside of my room.

The view from my window.   

  The view looking down from my window... and YES that is a Smart car!!! They also have a van (not pictured).

My kitchenette with a nice big sky-light for some sun...

The kitchen from standing in front of "Harry's room" (with my housemate Kerry)

Kerry on the left and Kaylee on the right, eating their first breakfast in Ealing, London.