Week 2a

Contents of this page include my trip to Central London on Saturday with Karin and Max, a Saturday night at Three Wishes, and my Harry Potter tour on Sunday.

First up is London...

Me and Max on Southwark Bridge.

Trafalgar Square and some double-decker buses.

Back the Bid in Trafalgar Square to have Olympics 2012 in London.

  Me in Trafalgar Square.

Karin in Trafalgar Square.

  Me in Trafalgar Square.

Karin in Trafalgar Square.

Me and Karin on Oxford Street in London in the five minute snow storm.

Karin with snowy hair.

Yes this is a Ferrari in central London!

Now off to the Three Wishes pub...

Me, Mr Tom, and Kaylee at Three Wishes.

Kerry and Lindsey at Three Wishes.

And finally, the long Harry Potter tour...

Victoria Falls where the part of The Goblet of Fire where Harry saves the girl was filmed... whether they use the scene or not, who knows.

Me and Victoria Lake where all the lake scenes like where Buck-beak flies over the lake in The Prisoner of Azkaban were filmed.

Another view of the lake with the tour group walking.

The ruins that have been placed at Victoria Lake from Rome.

Ryanna by the ruins.

The three mile walk to Windsor Castle with the castle in the distance.

Me with Windsor Castle.

Harry Potter's house.

Me with Harry Potter's house.

Harry Potter's house once again...

The candy shop where Alice Liddell, the Alice that Alice In Wonderland was based on, used to by her barely sweet candies.

The sign above the door to the shop.

The sign next to the shop explaining its importance.

The Great Hall at University of Oxford from the outside. The picture on the left is my attempt at making a quasi panoramic picture.

Dormitories at the University of Oxford.

More dormitories at the University of Oxford.

The entrance to the above dormitories.

A mini moat on the campus.

A pretty garden next to the moat.

The fountain and our tour leader, Sean, in the largest Botanical Gardens in England.

Botanical garden...

Botanical garden.