June 2005

  Wesley and Skye, our dog, on our deck.

  My mom and dad... such a cute couple!

  The view from my deck.

My house :)

  Mountain Laurel on Bear Mountain, it's ALL OVER!

Wesley, Travis, me, Dad, Mom in front of the Mountain Laurel.

  The view from atop Bear Mountain with my family.

  The Hudson River and Stan and Marybeth Goldblatt on a Hudson River boat ride with my family and friends.

Dad's Retirement Luncheon

To all who attended physically and spiritually I know my Dad was so thankful to have you there.  He truly appreciated every person there and even those who could not attend but that he worked closely with during his 23 years at the college.  As a child of "Dr. Dad" it meant so much to each of us that you were all there to help him celebrate the end of the chapter entitled "RCC" and the beginning of the chapter entitled "West Point-Part II."

Mom, Dad and Travis


  April speaking

  Barbara speaking


Caroline speaking

Cliff Woods speaking


Dad and Caroline

Eydie and Dad

Dad and Reamy

Dad reading cards

Dad speaking

Dad using reading glasses for the first time!

Libby speaking

Maire speaking


Mom and Dad so happy :)

Mom Dad and Travis


  Neal speaking


  Page speaking


Rich speaking

Zipora speaking

Me, Matthew, and Sab (friend from London)


Travis, Wesley, Me


Yankees/Mets game

  Dad and Mom

Mom, me, Sab, Wes

Trav, Wes, Sab