My last week in London

Kerry's 21st Birthday:

Kerry, sister Kate, Dad, and Joe.

  Kerry and her Dad

  Kerry, Joe, and Kate.

  Me and Derrek.

A Day in London with Sab, one of my best friends in London:

The London Eye was our main stop for the day so these are pictures from inside and below the Eye.


Beth and Sab have a friend, Timo, who plays in a band that plays Latin Funk.  The band is amazing and we went to see them play in a small pub in Central London.

Kathryn Copeland and I met for a wine tasting at Vinopolis.  We tasted some VERY nice wines, learned how to taste wine properly, and tried some Absinthe which is legal in England (but not in the States).

As a final goodbye, my British friends organized a Pub Crawl...

Me, Sab, and Carmen

Tom, "Tiny" (Tim), and "Fetus" (Dane)

Louis, Sab, "Tiny" (Tim), Tom, and "Fetus" (Dane)

"Fetus" (Dane)

Beth, me, "Tiny" (Tim)

  Beth, me, Nav

  Me and "Tiny" (Tim)

Sab, Me, Beth, Nav. My last night with my best friends in London :(