Germany Trip, etc.

Farewell party from The London Programme:

Germany Trip with Sarah:

Dachau Memorial Site:
(To be sensitive to this time in history, I have not posted many pictures.)

Salzburg, Austria:

  Our first view of Austrian mountains on our way to the Festung.

Sarah in that view.  (Freaky panorama, no?...)

Inside the Festung.

The Marionette Theatre Museum inside the Festung.

  The Golden Hall inside the Festung.

(Just read)

The Catacombs in Munich. Not very impressive but still neat.

Mozart's Birth house and the room of sound machines that were used in Mozart's time.

The Stiegl Brewery and our sample beers. (yummy Austrian wheat beers...)


The famous Hofbrauhaus in Munich.  Sarah met Malinda and Dave and they all grew up in upstate NY near each other!

The new town house and Glockenspiel.

The Munich Opera House.

Surfers, yes surfers, in the English Garden.

The Ratskeller in Germany for those folks who attend(ed) Florida Institute of Technology (FIT).

The building where the state officials work. In front is a tomb for the unknown soldiers.

Me and Sarah at the Weissesbrauhaus.  Paulina and her friends. Paulina is from Russia and lives in Princeton, NJ!

More folks from the Hofbrauhaus and some random German guy.

Yes this is very blurry, I had to take it through a glass door... This is the room in the Hofbrauhaus where Hitler gave one of his most influential first speeches.

Charlotte, our tour guide for the Hitler and the Third Reich Tour.  That is a monument with the words from the pamphlet that the White Rose group handed out.  The White Rose group was comprised of college aged students who were speaking out against Hitler.

The Chamber Pot Museum, the Easter bunny Museum, and the Pedal Car Museum.  What a funny collection of museums...

I went on a Beer Tour in Munich with Ben (Far right photo). Met loads of fun people while traveling between the Weissesbrauhaus, the Paulaner Micro-Brewery, and of course, the Hofbrauhaus!