Week 1

Hopefully we got our tourist blood out of our veins after our drive-by tour of central London...

Sarah, Karin, Max, Me at The Naughty bite, one of our favorite lunch places!

Lindsay, Katy, Kerry, Kaylee at The Naughty Bite.

Carly, Kate, Tom (or To'), and Shirley and The Naughty Bite.

Me, Karin, Sarah, Joy on River Thames.

Katy and Kerry on the River Thames.

the River Thames and the London Eye.

Big Ben through bus window.

Big Ben! Which is actually the bell inside the top of the tower, not the clock or even the building!

Sarah, Me, Karin in front of Buckingham Palace.

Phil Woods and Buckingham Palace.  Phil is the leader of the London Programme and is our Colloquium teacher.

The statue at Buckingham Palace.

Mr. Tom at Buckingham Palace.

Mighty Max!

Cavalry crossing the street on the way to Buckingham... I think...

Me in front of the Tower of London.

Me and Tower Bridge.

Max and Tower Bridge.

Here are some photos of my house and room.

57  Gordon Road... my home :)

Me in front of my house.

The tiny window at the top is my window :)

A rainbow as seen from Gordon Road!

The end of the rainbow :)

Karin, Max, Sarah and I took a walk in a park near Karin's house.  We felt like we were in Mary Poppins!

Sarah in a pretty tree :)

Me sitting on a tree branch...

Those two swans are huge!

A beautiful tree that looks like it's from the Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban movie!