July 2005-January 2006


Family Weekend

Me with Mom at the Student Showcase    

Me with Ryan Brechmacher, the composer of the piece that I sang at the Showcase and at my recital.


Random College Scenes

Me with my famous voice teacher, Sally Wolf, after her performance with New York City Opera in the Barber of Seville.

Liz, Claude, Me during SOS (Student Orientation Staff) Week.

Grr! My zombi face for "Thriller" lip sync

New Suits! Orientation Staff

SOS at the Quarry

Me, John, Christina, and Randy during the lip sync

Lee, Steven, Dena, Me

Me, Tara, Matt, Eunice, Katie

Me and Matthew (sorry it's a little fuzzy)



My 22nd Birthday at On the Border

Steven, Dena, Lee, Matthew, David, Me, and Carter

Steven and Dena

Carter being silly

David being silly

Dena being silly

Lee being silly

Patrick being silly

Steven being silly


Christmas 2005


Christopher  Wesley Matthew

Dad's scary face Mom practicing a photo smile



My "college day"

Me and Patrick after some champagne and orange juice... we burned the end of a cork and made mustaches! I think we look good...

(Jeremiah)  Miah, my roommate, and me

Me and Dena

Dena, Patrick, me

Patrick and me


Skiing with the family at Jiminy Peak in Massachusetts

Christopher and me preparing to ski

    Christopher and me on the ski lift

Christopher on the Magic Carpet (a really slow conveyer belt on the bunny hill)

Christopher on his maiden voyage on the ski lift

Dad at night at the top of the mountain

Dad ate some string with his steak

Dad me and Christopher

Me, Mom, Wesley, Christopher, and Dad

Me and Mom

Me and Wesley at the Summit Lodge

Dad and Mom at the Summit Lodge

    View from Summit Lodge

    View from top of a hill

Wes, Dad, me, Christopher in the condo