Family Visit

Day 1-Wednesday March 30


Mom, Dad, and Wes at the Tower of London

  Dad, Mom, Wes, and me at Tower Bridge in the cutouts in the Tower Bridge museum section

Wesley as captain of the HMS Belfast

    The Globe Theatre

The Old Operating Theatre where they would publicly perform operations prior to the existence of anesthetics (OUCH)

  The four of us at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, the oldest pub in London.

Day 2-Thursday, March 31

Wesley at Westminster Abbey

Fish in the London Aquarium

A trunk on the Cutty Sark.

Kind of weird, no?...Thomas Budd... Thomas Judd...?

0 Longitude, the line dividing the eastern hemisphere from the western hemisphere. Yes, that's my family in both hemispheres :)


The Monument to the Great Fire of London in 1666 with 311 steps-one step for each person who died.  If you were to lay the tower down on it's side from where it stands the tip would land directly at the spot where the fire started.


Dad, Mom, and Wes doing brass rubbings.  (Mine is on the table) Doesn't my dad look like he's seducing the camera?!

Day 3-Friday, April 1

  Judd Street! There is a real Judd Street near the British Library where they house one and a half copies of the Magna Carta.


St. Paul's Cathedral with me and Wesley at the top


Wes, Me, Mom, and Dad at our wine tasting at Vinopolis

Dad and Mom at the Hard Rock Cafe with their hot fudge sundaes

Day 4-Saturday, April 2


Salisbury Cathedral, outside, inside, and with Mom

A funny sign we saw as we were leaving Bath.  Dad pulled over (using his fantastic driving-on-the-left-side-of-the-road skills) so I could take a picture...