Friday, May 12, 2006

4:00 p.m. at the Princeton University Chapel

Princeton, New Jersey



Before the ceremony...

    Waiting to enter; Front of line from where I was.

    Waiting to enter; Back of line from where I was.

    The faculty waiting to enter


    Kim, Katie, Afton, Liz, Me, Jen.

    Lee and me :)

    Lindsay, Erin, Me


    Me and Carter


    Me and Embrey

    Me and John Wilson

    Me and Ms. Sally Wolf, my voice teacher

    Me and Patrick Schmidt

    Patrick and Me

    All non-graduates waiting to enter

    Steven Brennfleck and Me


...During the ceremony...


    Chapel Choir at the back of the Princeton University Chapel

    Waiting for our degrees

    Anthony Tommasini, the Chief Music Critic for the NY Times, the 2006 Commencement speaker

    Sun Min Lee giving the Charge

    Dean Annis and President Rozanski

    Receiving my degree

    Entire student body (minus the freshman)



...After the ceremony


    Me and Christine Fagan from Continuing Education

     Grandma Betty, Travis, Me

    Grandma Betty, me, Granmary

      Travis, Granmary, Uncle Mark, Wesley, Grandma Betty, Dad, Mom, Me, Christopher

    Hair (Christopher) and Scrunchie (Me)

    Christopher, me, Travis, Wesley

    Grandma Betty, Me, Granmary